Cracked Concrete Wall


INTO THE DEEP was founded in 2013 by Bboy Brain B in Seoul, KOREA,
with its grass-roots in hip hop culture,
in 2020 INTO THE DEEP started its United States chapter.


In 2015 a movement called SPREAD LOVE (SPRDLV) was started.

#SPRDLV movement began as a way to help those in need. 

When you buy a shirt, the price includes an extra shirt that gets donated to the communities around the world.



spread love

Since 2015, almost 3000 shirts have been donated to many countries around the world, including Cambodia, China, Kenya, Malaysia, Mongolia,

Nepal, Philippines, Polynesia, USA and Mexico.  

What started out as a small movement in Korea was able to grow,

thanks to all our supporters.  We appreciate and thank each and every one of you for taking part in this journey with us.

buy one, donate one